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Maximizing Budgets and Bottom Lines

As an efficient, clean-burning energy source, natural gas should be more of an asset than a cost burden. From predictable fixed rates to flexible energy plans, we’ll give you the tools to help your business maximize its bottom line.

Take control of your energy spend

Lock in the plan that’s best for your business in five minutes or less, and enjoy reliable, cost-effective service from here on out.

Fixed Price – Secure a consistent rate for the duration of your contract, and leave billing surprises behind.

Managed Price – Get the most out of your energy dollar as our experts monitor the market year-round, reducing your exposure to increases and letting you take advantage of price decreases.

Index Price – Choose the freedom of a rate that tracks with the market cost of gas. For example, if the index decreases, so does your rate. And if you feel the market may increase, you can always switch to Fixed Price.

Got five minutes?

We’ve got the plan for you. Take advantage of our quick and easy sign-up, then get back to doing what you do.


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