Critical Notices

Below you will find advisories and formal notices that may be relevant to you. Please check this page regularly to ensure you stay up to date with the latest information. We also encourage all customers to manage their contact information on file with Symmetry by logging into the customer portal, which will help ensure you receive all relevant email communications and important notices.

Critical Notices

This list of notices and flow orders may be incomplete and it is the customers’ responsibility to check with its LDC, upstream pipeline and state and local government officials for further information. If you have questions regarding the potential impacts of an applicable Flow Order, we encourage you to contact your Transporter directly.

Table Data Updated: 9/27/2022 2:19pm CT

Alerts previously listed that have now expired have been removed from this table. As new alerts are identified, the table will be updated with that information.

Notice IssuerNotice TypeNotice DescriptionStart DateExpireNotice Link

Weather Advisory Update (2/15/22)

(February 15, 2022) As conditions associated with Winter Storm Landon ease and normal temperatures return to many parts of the US, we would like to thank our customers for their attention and cooperation during this recent cold weather event.

Symmetry will continue to list notices related to Winter Storm Landon as well as other Flow Orders or critical operational notices as they become available to us on our website. We encourage customers to both check the website for updates regularly and closely monitor the situation in their areas.

To ensure we can continue to provide important information in the future, it is essential that customers actively maintain their contact information with us. The easiest way to do this is online through our Customer Portal. We also recommend adding the domain to your safe senders list to prevent accidental spam filtering.

Thank you again for your attention and should you have any questions, please reach out to your sales representative who will be happy to help you.

Notice of Flow Orders (2/2/22)

(February 2, 2022) Please be aware that certain natural gas pipeline and/or local gas distribution companies (“Transporters”) have issued, or are in the process of issuing, operational flow orders, emergency flow orders, critical weather orders, directives, curtailments, and other restrictive orders (“Flow Order”) that may be applicable to Symmetry’s delivery of natural gas to you under our agreement.

While a Flow Order is in effect, both you and Symmetry are required to comply with the applicable provisions of such Flow Order. Failure to comply may result in the Transporter assessing imbalance penalties, fines, and/or other charges for which you may be responsible. Additionally, our agreement provides that Symmetry may charge you for incremental gas you consume during a Flow Order period at market prices, which may be high. Therefore, we encourage you to monitor and manage your gas usage in accordance with, and for the duration of any applicable Flow Order.

We also encourage you to be on alert for communications from your Transporter and monitor your Transporter’s website for any Flow Order and/or weather-related information. For your convenience, links to Flow Orders we have received, along with other emergency orders and winter weather related notices will be made available to view on our website. We will periodically update our site with the latest information we receive; however, customers should refer to their Transporter(s) for the most up to date information. If you have questions regarding the potential impacts of an applicable Flow Order, we encourage you to contact your Transporter directly.

Symmetry appreciates your prompt attention to this matter, as we continue to strive to keep you informed, so that you can take appropriate steps to minimize the adverse impact of a Flow Order on your business.

Weather Advisory (1/31/22)

(January 31, 2022) Please be advised, weather forecasters are predicting colder temperatures and more significant winter weather across much of the US starting early this week, including parts of the South-Central US, such as Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and potentially other nearby States.

While current temperatures in many locations are mild, forecasts are expecting rapidly changing conditions, including snowfall and extended low temperatures beginning as early as Tuesday, February 1, and stretching into next week.

Cold weather events can affect both demand and supply, putting pressure on natural gas infrastructure and consumption; as such, we strongly encourage all our customers to closely monitor the situation in their area, recognizing that supply in your area may be impacted by potential disruption to natural gas production delivered into your area from other States, and to take any necessary precautions as they deem appropriate.

Please be on the lookout for any further notices from Symmetry as well as your other service providers. You may have already seen winter weather advisories / OFO watches from your Local Distribution or Pipeline Company. In the event of an OFO, please note that operational flexibility may be impacted.

If you have not done so already, you can manage and update your contact information saved with Symmetry by going online to the Symmetry Customer Portal. Keeping your contact information up to date is the best way to ensure you receive important notices, like this one, as well as other relevant account updates and information.