Critical Notices

Below you will find advisories and formal notices that may be relevant to you. Please check this page regularly to ensure you stay up to date with the latest information. We also encourage all customers to manage their contact information on file with Symmetry by logging into the customer portal, which will help ensure you receive all relevant email communications and important notices.

Critical Notices

This list of notices and flow orders may be incomplete and it is the customers’ responsibility to check with its LDC, upstream pipeline and state and local government officials for further information. If you have questions regarding the potential impacts of an applicable Flow Order, we encourage you to contact your Transporter directly.

Other general notices and weather advisories as applicable can be found below this table, click the blue title bar above to minimize this table or scroll down for more.

Table Data Last Updated: 6/12/2024 9:24am CT

Notice IssuerNotice TypeNotice DescriptionStart DateExpireNotice LinkActive?
Always check with your local provider for the latest information.
Southwest Gas Corporation (SWG)Flow OrderHold Burn6/4/2024TBDOFO NoticeYes
Columbia Gas of Ohio (COH)Flow OrderOperational Flow Order (OFO) and Operational Matching Order (OMO)6/6/20246/10/2024OFO NoticeNo
Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company, LLC (TGP)Flow OrderOperational Flow Orders (OFO) and Imbalance Warnings6/7/20246/8/2024OFO NoticeNo
Southwest Gas Corporation (SWG)Flow OrderHold Burn6/10/20246/12/2024OFO Notice
Columbia Gas of Ohio (COH)Flow OrderOperational Flow Order (OFO) and Operational Matching Order (OMO)6/11/20246/14/2024OFO NoticeYes

Alerts previously listed that have now expired have been removed from this table. As new alerts are identified, the table will be updated with that information.